What Are The Basic Parts Of A System Unit?


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The basic parts of the computer system are the parts that make the computer work. These are:

• The hard disc drive or hard drive is the main part of the system unit; this stores all the data and keeps it permanently logged. The hard drive is generally found at the front of the system and is connected with special cables including a power cable - although newer models are fitted with a portable hard drive using just a USB port or cable. In the event of your hard drive becoming damaged, it is advisable to back up your data every so often, as it is not always possible to retrieve it. There are several different-sized hard drives; the bigger the hard drive the more data it can store, so do make sure you purchase the correct size for your own needs.
• Random Access Memory (RAM). This is a piece of hardware that enables your computer to read and write data - again, depending on what your personnel need depends on how much memory you require.
• Motherboard - also known as the PCB (printed circuit board), it holds many of the crucial elements of the system. Motherboard is often shortened
to 'mobo'.
• CPU or Central Processing Unit - this is a chip which acts as the brain of the system, so is extremely important. The CPU gives out the instructions
of a computer program.
• Power supply unit, or PSU, which is exactly what is says - the equipment needed to send power to the system. Not only does it send power, it
sends the correct amount of electricity and converts it from AC to DC.

There are of course many other important parts of a computer system that make it tick, including a human pressing the correct buttons!
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The four basic parts of computer are input,output,processor and storage.

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