Can You Describe The Tools Of The System Unit?


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System Unit is like a box and has a number of components in it. The System Unit (SU) performs a vital role to get output form input. All the major components of Computers System Unit are contained in a box called case. There are two types of computer case; desktop case and tower case. As we know System Unit is combination of different tools or devices such as mother board, CPU, main memory, Storage disks, hard disk, input and output cards, video card, power supply and battery. All the components on computer inside the System Unit (SU) are mounted on a main board called mother board. Mother Board is made up of fibre glass.

We know that fibre glass does not conduct electricity so all the components mounted on mother board remains separated from each other. CPU which is also known as microprocessor is called the brain of the computer controls and manages all the activities of the computers. It is mounted on the mother board. Microprocessor consists of three parts, namely Control Unit (CU), Memory Unit (MU) and Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU). The main memory consists of Random access memory (RAM) and read only memory (ROM). Storage disk used in system unit are hard disk, CD-Rom etc. different input and output cards are used such as modem card etc.

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