How Many Types Of Operating System?


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suresh raja answered
There are many types. Some of them are
- Distributed Operating Systems (Network Operating systems)
- Desktop Operating Systems
- Real Time Operating Systems
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Here are some basic ones: Graphical User interface, Multi-threading, Multi-tasking, Multi-Processing, and Multi-User.
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Windows xp & macintosh
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Nastin spears answered
There r many types of os in the world, the most common 2 is mac(tiger,leopard) and pc(windows xp, vista, 7).
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Craig Parker answered
Depends on how you want to categorize things. I put them into the Proprietary or Open Source category, but some folks put them into the Windows or Unix category. There are Operating systems that don't fit either of the win/*nix categories though, but they are the most popular ones.
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Windows (single user) and linux (multi- users)
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There are many operating systems from Windows, including Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows X P, and Windows Vista
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There are two types of Os: 1.single user operating system 2.double user operating system
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There are many diffrent OS's.
They divide to:
- unix based (MacOS, Linux (all distributions))
- dos based ( MSDOS, MS Windows)
- other like portable versions of above OS, Sun Solaris and other that I do not know about.
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There are different type of operating system :
Real-time operating systems
Multi-user and Single-user Operating Systems:
Multi-tasking and Single-tasking Operating Systems:
Distributed Operating System:
Embedded System:

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