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I have to say, I'm not 100 per cent sure what this question is asking. To the best of my knowledge, it can only be asking about the types and classifications of operating systems available on the market today. If this is the case, then there are a number of classifications of operating systems. The main types of operating systems are the multiprocessor, the multiuser, the multi-task, the multithreaded and the real-time classifications of operating system.

Multiprocessing operating systems allow for the use of more than one central processing unit (CPUs) within one computer system. The CPUs within the computer can be equal, or they can have specific purposes and functions. If processors are tightly coupled, they will usually share a single memory base, whereas if the CPUs are loosely coupled, they will have separate memory bases that are connected via a high speed connection.

A multiuser operating system allows a number of users to access the material on one particular server at the same time. This is beneficial for use in companies and businesses, as the server can be accessed by remote users - ideal for workers who travel or work from home. The multi-task operating system is another name for this concept, although multi-tasking operating systems can also be used to refer to batch processing systems for mainframe computers in large companies or organizations.

A multithreaded operating system allows the computer to undertake more than one unit of processing at one time. This is beneficial as problematic processes, or threads, will not prevent the success of straightforward threads.  However, executing too many threads at one time can cause the treads to interfere with each other.

A real-time operating system must have a pre-known maximum time limit for each of the functions to be performed on the computer. A hard real-time operating system can completely guarantee the maximum amount of time that a process will take, whereas a soft real-time operating system may only be able to guarantee this time limit occasionally.
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Classification of Operating system is:

  • Off-line, Batch processing
  • On-line, Time sharing
  • Personal computing
  • Data base, Real time
  • Non-programmable, Multi-user
  • Single user.

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There can be many perspectives to classify like

1 Architecture based
2 multitasking capability
-single user single task
-single user multi task
3 response based
-hard real time-strict deadlines
-soft real time-dead lines with compromise on Quality of Service
-non real time
4 granularity
-coarse grain
-fine grain
5 system Bit width support
-8 through 64 bit (8-16-32-64)
other criteria could be architecture dependence
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Classification of Operating System
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Classification of operating system

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