What Is Real-Time System? Can You Describe Its Types?


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A real time system is a system/that ensures the exact time requirements for a job. If a real-time system does not completed task in a certain time, it may cause a break down of the entire system it is running. Some applications require to be serviced within a time period:

• Industrial control systems
• Automobiles (brakes)
• Airplane guidance
• Medical devices
There are two types of real time systems:

1. Hard Real Time Systems
A hard real time system guarantees that a job will complete within a specified time period. This system must ensure that all delays on processing, input and output are bounded. The system cannot wait indefinitely so the hard time systems are usually very limited. There is generally no secondary storage such as disk drives as a disk request can take a variable time Lo process.
Some examples of a hard real time system are the software that run the autopilot in an jumbo jet or the imaging software on a missile.

2.Soft Real Time Systems
A soft real time system is a much less restrictive version of a hard real time system. A soft real time system does not guarantee that a job will complete within a specified time period, however it tries its best to finish the job as soon as possible. If a critical real time job enters the system, the operating system may assign the highest priority to that task and execute it continuously until it completes.

The lack of a guarantee makes a soft real time system more limited in its application for industrial activities. Soft real time systems are used in multimedia,, virtual reality etc. The operating systems that provide soft realtime support are Windows NT/2000, Linux, Solaris.
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Basically a real-time system is a system, which reacts to the events in the surroundings by carrying out specific actions within the specified time. There are three types of real-time system and not five. The types of real-time systems include hard, soft ad adaptive real-time systems.

Hard real time system says that all of the deadlines or temporal constraints have to be resolved.  Second type of this system, which is known as soft real-time system suggests that missing single deadline should not put the system behavior in danger. Thirdly, adaptive real-time system adjusts the internal strategies by giving response to the changes that are carried out in the environment.

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