What Are The Major Parts Of A Keyboard?


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Major part of keyboard
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The division of the keys on keyboard is as follows:
Typewriter Keys, Windows Keys, Function Keys, Numeric Keypad, Cursor Control Keys, Enter Key and Other Keys
The Typewriter keys include all the alphabet keys from A-Z, numeric keys 0 to 1 and apart from that it also includes Tab key, Caps Lock key, Shift key, Backspace key, Ctrl key, Alt key, Space key and all the keys for the punctuation symbols, special characters and numeric signs. These keys are total fifty seven in number and are used for basic typewriting.
The Window keys are two in number. The first key is located on the left side of space bar and the second on the right side. The key located on the left side opens up the Windows start menu and the key on the right hand side open up the right click menu for any item on which the cursor focuses at that time.
Function keys are available on top of the keyboard by the name F1 to F12. These keys are used for many purposes
Numeric keypad is located on the right side of the keyboard and apart from number keys from 0 to 9; it includes Numlock and other numeric signs. These keys are sixteen in number and Numlock activates/deactivates the keypad.
Cursor control keys are used to imitate mouse behavior and these are the four arrows pointing in each direction next to the keypad.
Enter keys are located among the Typewriter keys and also on numeric pad.

Other keys; these keys perform different functions and include the Escape key, Print System Screen key, Scroll lock key, Pause/ Break key, Insert key, Home key, Page Up key, Page down key, Delete key, End key.
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The keyboard is an input device and is used to give input to a computer. Keys are the buttons on the keyboard. Keys on keyboards are divided into four groups; Function keys, the Typewriter Area, Numeric keys and Cursor keys. Typewriter area consists of numeric keys, symbol keys alphabetic keys, and special function keys. There are 12 function keys on the top of keyboard. These keys are marked as F1, F2, F3 ….F12. All function keys have predefined meanings which depend on the application software. Typewriter area consists of numeric keys, symbol keys alphabetic keys, and special function keys. There are 26 alphabetic keys in typewriter area.

There are 14 numeric keys in typewriter area. Typewriter area has 21 keys of symbols. Some symbol keys are combined with numeric keys. There are different symbols such as @, #, $, %, * etc. In last part of typewriter area there are special function keys. There are 11 special function keys. Theses keys are arranged on keyboard like typewriter and behave like standard typewriter. Special function keys are space bar, caps lock; escape key, shift key, Ctrl key, Alt key etc. There is another numeric key pad having 17 keys. These keys are easy to use for operator.
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Four major parts of the keyboard are the alphanumeric keypad, the cursor control keypad, the function keys and the numeric keypad.
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A keyboard has the following divisions:
To your extreme right are the numeric keypad.
The other part is known as the Alphanumeric keypad.
At the top ,there are keys like f1,f2,f3 etc ,these are collectively called as function keypad.
There are special keys also like Del,Pgdn etc .These are known as special function keypad.
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Alphanumeric keypad
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Keyboards made in the 70's to early 90's use to be made of plastic keys that had springs under them. The spring would hit a metal part of a printed circuit board that would send a signal to the computer's motherboard. The signal would be transformed into an ASCII code and resubmitted to temporary memory (RAM). The signals was then reconverted so a letter would be shown on a monitor. The CPU would send the letter(s), which are now in ASCII code, to the hard drive once the operator was finished typing and a signal was received from RAM for permanent storage.
Today's keyboards are actually plastic keys with a mylar sheet inbetween the keys and rubber membrane. This sets up a static charge that is recognized by the computer;s motherboard. The process to see and save the letter follows the same procedure outlined above.
In both cases, the keyboard is classified as an "output peripheral mechanical device". The difference between the two devices is that rubber membrane and mylar sheet. If any liquid (like hot coffee or tea) were poured over the keys on the top keyboard, the keyboard was permanently damaged. In the keyboard with the rubber membrane, the screws could be removed from the bottom of the keyboard, the mylar and rubber carefully taken out then wiped dry and cleaned.
There were more moving parts to the older keyboard so they were more expensive. Since there are virtually no moving parts to today's keyboard, they are cheap to replace. If damage is done to either keyboard, you can clean it out. If a part is broken, however, simply buy a new one. I hope this answers your question.

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