What Are The Main Parts Of A Motherboard?


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1.CPU socket
2.AGP slots
3.PCI slots
4.CNR slots
5.North Bridge
6.South Bridge
7.Memory slots
8.IDE sockets
9.FDD sockets
10.Power sockets
12.LIthium coin cell battery
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The Important part on the Mother Board are as follows:---

Mother Plays an important role in the field of Computer where all small electronic part is assembled and finally a complete machine ready to work.

some parts on motherboard are as..

1. Processor Slot.
2. Heat Sink.
3. Ram Slots.
4. Power Slot.
5. Graphics Chip and Audio Chip.
6. PCI Slots.
7. Graphics or  (VGA) Slots Brown in Color PCI eXpress in Blue Color.
8. PS/2 Connectors one for Keyboard and one for Mouse.
9. USB Port.
10. LAN or NIC.
11. SATA SATA1/II or IDE Connector.
12. CMOS Battery.

These are important parts of motherboard.
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Just how many parts and slot types there are will vary from one motherboard to another. Motherboards are made with ever more complexities as time goes on.

A good overview of categories of parts can be found at
Illustrated detail of the connectors at
Basically, the many different data paths (buses) and their different speeds are coordinated by a couple chips that comprise the chipset. A chipset may account for $25 to $50 of the motherboard's price. The fastest buses served by the chipset run from the processor slot to fast components such as to memory, integrated video, and PCI-e. This faster chipset was formerly known as the Northbridge or Memory Controller hub but Intel now calls it the Input-Output hub. The main trunk to the processor to these components is often called the front-side bus.

Some relatively slower components, such as for USB ports and networking, are relegated to what used to be called the Southbridge but now more commonly known as the I/O controller hub. The slower the slot or socket type, usually the more chips between it and the processor.

Intel has an well-condensed block diagram of the chipset at

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