How To Hook Up Components To The Motherboard?


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Most important part in a Personal Computer is the motherboard or system board is defined as the board where processing is started when the system is start up. A motherboard is the main platform where the many parts of a computer converge.
We can partition the CPU and RAM Slots as the two most important components that comprise as the main parts of a motherboard. Based on these two slots, one can define the speed of the Computer and future compatibility with processors and memory. Also knows as the Chipset, A Chipset is a set of circuits integrated to program together and come in two architectures namely, Northbridge and Southbridge. Some motherboards also offer an extra slot to collect two different types of RAM.
For Graphics Card many motherboards come furnish with an on board graphics chip which is enough for the basic user. For the gamers and movie who want high quality resolution the system board should have an AGP or Accelerated Graphics. Ports, which can be, add the high-end graphics card. For Sound Card Sound, cards are now collected on the motherboard. As many motherboards have an appropriate sound output. Hooking your PC onto an Ethernet network is very easy with many motherboards offering a 10/100 Mbps dual speed network port. This port is now fix firmly on the motherboard and automatically finds the speed of the network when plugged in. each device wanted its own special port to plug into. E.g. Keyboards, printers, external storage devices, all had their ports to plug into and no one could be changing its place.

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