How To Compile A Short Company Profile?


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If you only want to know how to write a short company profile rather than a general one, you most probably want it for the benefit of your customers and other businesses that may trade with you rather than the more detailed one that you would need for an investor.

  • What to include in a company profile
Obviously, you will need to include some pertinent details about your company, detailing what it is that you do, including the products and services that you provide.

You should include your company's mission statement because a lot of hard work and thinking has gone into that (or should have done) and it will be able to give whoever reads your profile a very real feel for what it is that you do and what your aims and objectives are.

A mission statement is also useful for outlining your social ethos so you can include your attitudes to such things like your carbon footprint.

Your company profile should also include some details about your employees and the company hierarchy, giving some information about the roles that each person and department fulfills. Including lowlier members of staff is more than a nice gesture; it will also let your customers know that you value everyone within your organization and so will value them, too.

  • How a company profile should be written
A company profile should be written so that the reader gets a very real feel for the personality of the company, so if you want to appear to be a casual, friendly business, then you can make the language a little less formal than you would do if you want to come across as being professional and hard hitting.

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