How Does A Compiler Work In A C++ Program?


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A C++ compiler first checks all the syntaxes which are being used in a program. If the syntax is correct then compiler generates an assembly code for assembler.
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At the highest level, it takes c++ source code and converts it into code that the machine will understand.
The details of this process are vast and can be found if searched for on google!
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Each C++ source file needs to be compiled into an object file. The first step that the compiler will do on a source file is run the preprocessor on it. Only source files are passed to the compiler (to preprocess and compile it).

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As we all know without compiler we are not able to make a program error free the compiler is resposible to check the syntax from right to left tally code with the predefined files which are already defined with the compiler then our source file after the syntax checking is converted into object file ready to execute.
When we compile file it send a message to operating system a message 0 or 1,if compiler found program error free then it send message and return o to operating system and for error return 1.

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