How Does The Work Release Program Work For Someone Serving A Jail Sentence?


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My husband was offered 8 years by the judge he has to do 4yrs on one case and 4yrs on another he is credited 11 months of good time how long will he have to wait to get called for work release
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My finance just had work release and I was able to pick him up and bring him to work, it was really nice. I know that you have to pay so much a day in advance for him to get out of work release but it's definitely worth it. He will be released at a certain time in the morning, and have to be back at the end of the night. I think they get like 9 hours out and in my state its 35$ a day so 245$ upfront a week. Hope this helps.
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My boyfriend Is serving 6 months on work release the judge said if he behaved he could put in a motion in 3 months because we have a baby due in three months, how does this work he isn't currently employed but I was told he could get out for a certain time to look for employment and do drug and alcohol treatment, what will he have to pay and what are the rules of this program?

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