Is It True That Webkinz Virtual Pets Can Be Killed Off And That They Can Catch Fatal Illnesses?


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There are a lot of people spreading roumors, that are obviously fake and un true. First of all, if you've never seen it before yourself, then I'm sure these people are lying to stir up trouble.
Second, most websites say this is un true, infact, even said to parents this was a fake rumor. Sadly, people keep stiring up the choas... I've had plenty of webkinz, and nothing bas has happened. It seems really safe. Plus, it takes a looong time to hack into a website, I'm sure that Neopeats wouldn't have the time.
However, if this happens to be true, which it's most likely not, you should inform webkinz as soon as possible. Windows are perfectly safe though.

It's difficult to understand this; but if there are so many different rumors, it's most likely to be a joke or a lie.
My ex- friend told me a story last year and this is how it goes:
"I know the webkinz hacker!" my friend said in the bathroom one day at school.
"Go on youtube." she said. She told me to type something like: Webkinz killer I think. Then, I saw this horrible video... Ms. Birdy.. Chopped a haed off... Obviously fake. You could see the courser as they moved to make the affects. Next thing you know, the next day, she says she's the hacker! I was really freaked out to go on for a long time, but I'm on it know. Turns out, she was lying about the whole thing.
Truth is, the red, black, and yellow boxes are stupid lies... Probaby. Don't be scared, webkinz is really fun. Neopets freezes your computer though, and it's really boring and hard. My animal died. It's totally NOT for kids.
Reasons to love webkinz:
1. Safe
2. It's really fun
3. You learn from it from going on quizzies
4. You learn life things like getting jobs
5. You can decorate your own room: Really fun!
6. It's for all ages. You won't get made fun of for playing if your least at my school
7. You can chat in a safe inmviorment and make friends!

Reasons Neopeats is weird-freaky- and boring
1. They might of hacked webkinz... Who wants to play on a sight like that?
2. It's hard to feed your animals
3. If you don't know how to feed your animals, they die. REALLY not friendly for kids
4. It get's boring
5. It freezes your computer
6. The animals are weird and looks like they copied pokemon
7. You have to be a special member to do a lot of things; more money then webkinz where I live

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Ok Sally101 that is so not true. I'm sorry but your friend is messing around with you or something. I have had a window ever since I got a webkinz. My friend even played this trick on me, but she admitted that she was only joking around. Webkinz CAN NOT die because 5 year olds go on this website, and this would upset them very badly.
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Stop doing this its impossible for this to happen I am a 3 year member and I say that it is impossible
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Webkinz virtual pets cannot die, nor can they be killed off, and there is no risk that a child will see their virtual stuffed animal lose his/her life. This would, indeed, be very upsetting for most children and just like stuffed animals do not die in the "real" world, so too are they kept alive virtually. There have also been some rumours that "something" on the Webkinz World site is fatally harming pets. The company recently felt compelled to comment and reject this piece of false news.

While Webkinz pets cannot die, they may certainly fall ill in this online game. When this happens, children can show some tender loving care in order to bring their fluffy digital friend back to good health. They may take the pet to an online clinic and can "purchase" any recommended "medicine." In some cases, the user can also change what he/she feeds the pet in order to solve the health problem.
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Well one of my friends friend logged on and found a window broken and it had blood spots all over it.Then the next day she found all her webkinz in a pool filled with blood.The say if you have a window in your room the doctor and Mrs.Birdy can stab or shoot your webkinz.
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Webkinz could never die I have about 70 webkinz and I was a member since 2005 and the only problem with all my 70 webkinz was sickness.
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Webkinz can not die. I looked up into a book on webkinz in the club and it said that webkinz cannot die. They can only get sick. This is true. I also heard that webkinz can have siblings. I found that from asking a question. :) You should be glad they can't die.
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I think everybody should keep their opinions to themselves so you guys won't ruin anybodys opinions. I think it's kind of wierd to say dumb things about neopets nor webkinz because people who like the opposing mmog will hate you. Its pretty dumb to say you hate something to who does too (what this thing is about???!!??!). Btw, different people like what they want, its no use trying to change it!!! They can like what they want and you can to , just don't say dumb things to the world nobody cares about!!!
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They do not die. They maybe get sick and if you take them to the clinic, they'll be fine.
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Webkinz cannot die, but they can get sick. They cannot catch fatal illnesses, and they don't get fatal illnesses. They only get a cold or the sniffles. I no this because ive been a webkinz owner since they made webkinz
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Stupid creepypasta. You have now given me nightmares. (Not really but still). Who does these sickening things to kids stuff!

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As everyone has said, your webkinz pet cannot die. As this would be frightening for young children. I know this because I have been playing since 2012, almost 4 years, and I have also done plenty of research on this from the videos I have found on this topic on YouTube. "MS BIRDY KILLED MY WEBKINZ!!!!!" So not true.

Though, your webkinz can get sick. With the cold, or sniffles. But they cannot die from such things. I created a test account to test if a webkinz can die if you don't take care of there cold/sniffles. And it is impossible for a webkinz to die. When I was 9 (almost 10) I first started playing from a video I found online about the game. As I watched more videos I came across a few videos like these. They scared me to death. As they would to any 9 yr old. But now being older I realized since it's impossible it shouldn't be so scary. I rewatched those videos recently and I can tell how they were edited. If your going to make videos like that Atleast do a better job editing so it's more believable.

-webkinz geek

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No, but I cut its belly open (the stuffed animal) and my dog ripped the head off. I swear. For real.
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I have no idea if your webkinz can die, but people always keep talking to me about just never happened to me before, but I have seen a lot of videos.

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