Where do you download meez password hack from?


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Alex Wheeler answered
There is no commercially available password hacking executable/ tool for the Meez social network. There are some downloads available from general hosting sites such as Megaupload which bear titles like 'General Meez Password Hack', but the origin of these files is unknown, and it is entirely possible they can contain catastrophic viruses designed to infect the host computer and steal personal data. Should you choose to use such a tool, you should beware of this risk.

  • Violation of terms
You should also know that any attempt to engage in any malicious behavior regarding the Meez social network will violate the terms and condition of the network's use, and will likely result in either a temporary or lifetime ban, and carry the threat of legal action being pursued against you.

  • What is Meez?
Meez is an avatar based social network with headquarters in San Fransisco, south California. Like a number of other social networks, users can roam a digital world using a customizable character and interact with other users as well as interacting with the network itself. The Meez world has its own currency, known as 'Coinz'. Coinz can be purchased as credit to be spent on items and animations that members of the network can use to customize their avatar.

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