How Do I Make A Reference Page Using Websites As My Sources?


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Website sources are actually pretty simple. In MLA format you first start with the name of the person that wrote the website or last updated it. If that information is not available then you start with the subject of your inquiry on that site in quotation marks with a period at the end of it. The next thing is the title of the website underlined or in italics followed by a period. The you put the date the website was last updated and a period. The next thing is the date you accessed it and a period and then the web address inside the < > symbols and a period. After you put the period in it will create a hyperlink automatically, and you should always undo the hyperlink before you print.
Her is an example that didn't have an author or a last updated date.
“Situations for Fairy Tales.” ReadWriteThink. 21 Oct. 2008. .
The web address was too long to fit on the first line, and in MLA format it should be indented on the second line. I hope this helps.

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