How Do You Make A Website Like Pandanda Or Club Penguin?


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Hello there! If you want to create such popular and modern website you will need to hire developers and web designer. Your site must meet many different requirements and trends, so if you don't have skills in web dev you can't do this. By the way if you will decide to get consultations from professionals I recommend to navigate to this website.

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Well. First you need to have had some experience in making websites. Then you need adobe flash CS3/4 to make the animation. Then you need a website that will host your website (Go Daddy, Brave host etc.) Then you will need to create your website. I personally suggest Dream-weaver CS3/4 or (pay money every month though). You will also need a domain name which you can search if it's taken at Go You will also need help from others because it will take you forever to make it on your own. Then you can add what ever else you want: Music, avatars (use Microsoft Creator for the avatars and animations if Flash is to complicated), Catalogs, Places etc.
And now you know all the basics of creating a website like Club Penguin or Pandanda.

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