Is Technology The Cause Of Our Rising Obesity Rate?


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Possibly, because most people will sit down for hours at a computer, myself included, and not exercise. Many of them will eat while doing it too and they are not burning off as many calories as they take in, so it makes it harder for them to lose weight, but easier to gain weight.
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I heard awhile ago that you actually burn more calories reading then watching t.v.
I definately think technology is to blame for a rise in obesity among other things. You can't forget
the fast food, the junk food, the preservatives, the added salt and sugar in food.
I recently watched a show that said if we cut back and watched our sugar intake closely, most obese people could lose up to 50lbs. That is insane !

But to answer your question, yes I blame technology, but entirely, I mostly blame peoples eating habits.

Also another weird note I just learned, that exercise stimulates the brain to actually be "smarter." To exercise causes the brain to send off certain signals that, well, exercises the brain as a whole. Which then increases the memory part of the brain and other things. I wish I knew more in depth about this, but it is an odd tid bit of information !:)
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My daughter called me on the phone from her room yesterday! We chat online even when we are both home sometimes. Even though neither of us is obese, we could be headed that way if this keeps up. My neighbor who lives across the street and is obese called me on the phone to borrow something and asked me to bring it to her. All she does is sit on her computer or watch TV all day, she's on disability because she is morbidly obese. I think her use of technology is proof that there is a correlation between the two. Have you seen the movie Wall-E?
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No! (sarcastically) with everyone sitting their rear ends these days and not doing anything because a machine does it we are lazy. No one gets up and goes outside, they loaf around or sit on the computer playing video-games!
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YES..... Technology is the exact reason...
With it getting more and more popular and safisticated.
Especially in teenagers what other explanation would be the cause of the rising obesity rate?

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