What Is The Contribution Of Science And Technology In Our Society?


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Give their contribution in the advancement of science and technology
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Well if you try to think what technology and science has helped our society wih i'm sure you can think of an answer to this.

There are plenty of choices.... Maybe if you are very young you don't remember that cars haven't always been around... They have advanced dramatically over the last 20 years let alone since they were first invented of course this is definitely due to science and technology, as people can only improve things when they have learnt the technology they need to make the improvement.

Also there is the choice of medicines, people used to die of the things we now class as being nothing. So where would we be without the advancement of science and technology.

If you are quite young maybe a good one to choose would be the advancement of medai players such as the record player which advanced to the walkman and then the cd player and and then mp3 player and now ipods and mp4 players etc etc of course whether you think that has made a contribution to our society is up to you.

Many many choices for you communication... I.e from radio and telegrams to tv's and mobile phones  and computers with wifi obviously this helps the society by being able to communicate to each other better. Can be used by the media for fun and for important info like the news. Etc etc

Hope this helps.

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Are you good in Science? Because you answered my question, while me, I don't know the answer.... By the way my name is Chrsitine Jane B. Kudera......the end!
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Almost everything

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