What Is The Importance Of Statistics In Science And Technology?


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• Statistics play a vital role in virtually all branches of science. Statistical methods are commonly used for analyzing experiment results, testing their significance and displaying the results accordingly.

• In order for a scientist to make an objective judgment as to whether or not a particular hypothesis can be established by a set of collected data, an objective method for either accepting, or rejecting, that hypothesis must be used. This is why, when collating these results, it is essential that statistics are included to ascertain the level or degree of accuracy in the hypothesis.

• Statistics can be used to explain qualitative, as well as the more easily decipher quantitative, results - that is to say it is possible for statistics to reveal elements of an experiment that would ordinarily be referred to by a characteristic value, rather than in a measurable way.

• The significance of statistical figures can be seen best when validating solid arguments or predictions out of hypotheses or conjectures that may seem overwhelming to a layman. It is far easier for the general public to understand the results of an experiment in greater clarity and detail if they have the simple reference point of numbers rather than scientific language, mathematics or equations.

• It could be argued that without the use, and advancements, of statistics and statistical research the empirical observations of today's scientists and inventors would be far less accurate and progressive. We all benefit from the developments and improvements in science that have been made to our day-to-day life, most of the time taking for granted what has been achieved with the aid of statistics.

Statistics are very important in science as well as technology for a number of reasons.

  • Research
There are various research methods that use statistics to record their results, especially when it comes to experiments in the field of science. Once a number of experiments have been carried out, statistics will show a certain result. Then, scientists can accumulate all the statistics from each test to identify if there are any differences or changes over time. It is important to have statistics because it is the simple and stand-out way of representing a result.

  • Significance
Statistics are a single number or a collection of numbers that show the importance of a certain change or development. In terms of technology this is important because statistics can show what the current trends are in terms of various technologies and the development of them. It is also good market research for companies that are creating various devices because statistics from areas around the country can help identify what the best device is to move forward with.

  • Predictions
The value of statistics is strong because they can serve as predictions as well as probabilities in certain trends. This is especially the case in scientific experiments and studies because within a lot of scientific research it is about trial and error and what reactions work best. If there are professionals working towards substances for medical use, statistics can identify what works best.

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