How Can I Make My Avatar Look Just Like Me?


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Go to habbo its for free and has no cost at all you can make new friend you can make your own room you can evan date if you want to if not go to imvu thats cool and fun and the same
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If you get a picture of you and download it to the pc then you can drag your face to your avatar
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Buy selecting another portfolio
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  There are many ways that you can make your own unique avatar look just like you.

  You can begin by creating your avatar with the same features as yourself. Use the same eye color, hair color, body shape and hair style. Although the avatar will not be 100% identical, it will still have the same basic characteristics as you. Then it will be up to you to create the avatar's personality.

  There are also sites on the internet that will allow you to create your own unique avatar using a real picture of yourself. One of these sites is located at: This site allows you to create an avatar from your picture.

  There are also many sites available on the World Wide Web that will help you create the ideal avatar. These sites contain many different features that you can add to your avatar to make it appear more like the real you.

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