What Would Happen If We Didn't Have Computer Today?


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Most of world operates on computers of some kind. There is no getting away from them. Microwaves, cars, phones, airplanes, and the list goes on use computers in some shape, form or fashion. Computers allow the movement of information in seconds as opposed to pre-computer age. Computer technology also aids in the advancement in the field of medicine.
If computer technology suddenly stop working the world would go into distress. People would be freaking out because they wouldn’t be able to text or talk to anyone that doesn’t live close. Basically everyone will lose their money they have stored in the bank and the world will become like back in the day when Willy nelson was a kid. Or before that when hank Williams was a kid. I bet that people will have to be in a mental asylum if they lose their precious tech. Some people won’t even be able to get in their own car. Life would really be stupid. No one would be able to watch television because it takes the satellite in the sky to transport the information and that is a lot like or basically is a computer. I think that there would be a bright side to all this. Since there would be nothing to do indoors then people will go outside the obesity rate will go down because people will actually exercise. People won’t have a computer to sit and play on all day and the world will be a whole lot healthier. The world will basically come to an end to some people. Some people rely on the internet to do their jobs; others rely on the internet to make their business. Without the internet and all the tech in the world, life would be meaningless to most people. Some people like athletes will be all right. Some people who are in college rely on the technology we have to day to get their education and what would become of our future??? Who knows? Maybe, it would become the 60’s and 70’s all over again and all the people in the world would start wearing tie dye. The clothes companies would probably have to stop making clothes because the machines require computers. That means no aeropostle, no American eagle, no Gucci, no more of any of them companies. Yeah, sure people will have the clothes they have now but they wont be able to buy new ones they will have to where their old ones ‘til they get to small or to big. Everyone would probably go insane with out all those companies to make their clothing.

If everyone in the world couldn’t have their favorite brand of clothing the states will probably have to double the number of mental asylums.
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A world without computer is like a world without boys, what I am trying to say is that when God created Adam, he was in the garden of Eden alone but God knew that he needed a partner so he decided to create a mate. A world without computers is a boring world with nothing to do.

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We'd all have to interact face to face, oh wait I believe we used to do that before computers ;)

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