How Do I Fid Out On My Computer What Sites My Husband Visited Today?


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That depends on how careful he is when surfing... If he's careful enough, it will be tough without installing spy software (which is appropriate, as that is what you are doing). But if he's not smart enough to even try to cover his tracks, just go to 'History' on the menu bar of the browser, then click 'Show All History'.

You will be able to see every site the computer has been to within the time specified (it's set in the browser options). Otherwise, it's pretty tough to tell where someone has been. Especially if they regularly delete all cookies, browser history, and cache. (which can be set to automatically delete every time the browser closes)...

Good luck, I hope you learn what you are looking for, as I'm a firm believer in the idea that people that insist on spying on their spouses (showing an obvious suspicion and distrust) deserve whatever backlash there is to be had from such spying. If you trust him that little, you shouldn't be married to him. But that's just my opinion. Have a great day!
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Another good keylogger is, with this keylogger you will be able to track PC, laptop, any android devices as well as mobile phones etc.

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I think you shouldn't watch the sites which were visited by your husband if you wanna save your marriage. I mean, there is a possibility of materials about his cheating. I know that my husband visited and it was devastating for me. I wish I knew nothing about it

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The history has all the details but it depends how he uses the internet. Moreover you can get some softwares like key logger which will trace whatever he types. So you can know which websites he surfs.

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