What Is Twitterpated?


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Twitterpated is when a person feels romantic towards someone or something. When a person is "twitterpated", they may feel romantic, happy or excited. People may usually feel twitterpated when they experience love for the first time or if they are with a new partner. Someone who is infatuated with someone may be described as twitterpated with the other person or two people may be twitterpated with each other. They may experience romantic feelings when they least expect it and feel happy that they are with their partner.

The word also may be used to describe someone who is obsessed with something. For example, the recent popularity of the social networking site "Twitter" is associated with the word "Twitterpated". Someone who visits Twitter lots of times in one day may be described as "Twitterpated with Twitter". It is thought that the word twitterpated was the inspiration for the popular website.

The word "Twitterpated" also became well known when it was used in the popular Disney film Bambi. The word was used in a scene where an owl describes animals as twitterpated during mating season. The word has also been used in one of Beatrix Potter’s books to describe a similar scene.

Twitterpated may also be used when someone does not know how to describe a feeling. For example a person may be so twitterpated with their partner that they do not know how to describe how they are feeling.

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