My mom won't let me have a youtube channel what should I do?


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Unfortunately, as long as you live in your parents' house (no matter how old you are!) you're subject to their rules and regulations. If your mother does not want you to have a YouTube account, there is very little you can do, other than to try and persuade her. There are a number of different ways you could try to persuade your mother to let you have a YouTube account.

  • Show her how YouTube can be a useful tool

There is no doubt that YouTube is a very useful resource for all internet users. It contains instruction and educational videos, tutorials and presentations, as well as allowing users to discover new music, or to relive scenes from their favorite TV show or movie. Why not sit down with your mother and show her all of the useful, wonderful and safe material contained on YouTube? This might help to convince her that you should be allowed a YouTube account.

  • Find out why she's saying no

Chances are that there's a very specific reason why your mother doesn't want you to have a YouTube account. Maybe she's worried that you'll come across some offensive or explicit material, or that any videos you post will become the subject of abuse. Talk to her and find out what it is that's making her reluctant to say yes.

When you know her reasons, you can then try to counter-balance them with well-thought out, mature and logical arguments or compromises. For example, if your mother is concerned about you posting videos on the internet, why not agree to use your YouTube account solely to keep a record of videos you like?

Or, you could compromise and say that she is allowed to see the videos before you post them - giving her the deciding vote about what can and cannot be posted online. Giving your mother this type of control will allow her to feel assured, and may make her more likely to let you create a YouTube channel.
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Be really good to her and maybe she will let you

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You need to explain the motivation that stands behind this idea and the prospects of it. I started my channel as a teenager and I wasted a few years trying to figure things out but as I learned which types of content are getting viral, where to buy youtube views for cheap, how seo works for youtube, my channel became the main income source for me. Maybe your parents just don't understand that it could become a well-paid job and not just a hobby.

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Say yes ma'am. Then do not argue with her!! Start doing your choirs and maybe a little extra. Get yourself up for school in the morning. Do your homework with out having to be told. If you have a set time to be in bed, then go to bed with out being told. Be respectful to your parents. Last but not least, talk to your parents. Tell them what you are doing. What things you like to do, etc. . Then after a few weeks ask again politely. You may be very surprised at the results this will bring.

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