Why won't my mom let me have any sort of social network? Not even Wattpad?


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Maybe you're not old enough. Since this is anonymous, I can't tell, but kids - especially young girls - go online and can get into all sorts of trouble. If you're under 13, you can't join some social networks. Kass is right: She's probably just worried.

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This really depends on your age. With most sites, you need to be 13+. I am a teen and I am not allowed Facebook. And honestly, most of the things on wattpad these days is rubbish. It's truly disgusting, not how it used to be where aspiring writers came together and created amazing stories! Now it's just dirty fan-fiction written by 12 years olds about 1D and 5-SOS. It also depends on how responsible you are too. Talk to your parents about it maturely if you are legal age (13+) and explain that you will use it well etc

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Yeah, I have Wattpad as well, and there are so many fanfics about 1D and 5SOS. The only reason I still have it is because my friends write stories on it (not fanfics), and I like to read them. Also, I have about a million fandoms, and I like to read Headcanons about them. But if I didn't have any friends on it, I would have quit it long ago.
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She's probably just worried about you. And the internet can be a creepy place if you're not careful who you talk to/what sites you visit.

It might be difficult, but I'd sit down with her and try to have a calm and reasonable conversation.

Explain that social media is becoming a part of everyone's lives, whether they like it or not, and you might lose out if you're not able to partake.

A lot of jobs these days require you to submit a social profile as part of your resume even.

And even Facebook can be good for learning new things, keeping up to date with current events, and meeting people you wouldn't normally be able to keep in touch with.

I'd also be prepared to make some concessions to try and appease your mom...

Maybe you can suggest a time limit each day?

Or that she supervises some of your social network browsing?

Or you could suggest that the two of you attend some sort of social network security seminar or class, so that she knows you're fully clued-up on the dangers of the internet.

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