What would be the effect on social media if it were removed?


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catherine adams answered
Hi Katherine, it would leave a huge gap for people who live in this modern society. Communication and its methods are not static, it would put a limit on progress and fast ways of communicating we never had in the past. 

The invention of computers goes way back in time now, and its here to stay. For those who don't like technology then they can ignore it - some do....but usually they have lived decades.....Social media has good and bad points, on the whole I'd say it has now become a necessity in sociey and for socialising - its good to talk and get fast response from our friends, is it not. Hope Useful
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Katherine James answered
I guess removing the social medial from internet will have really positive effects on earth. Millions of people who are wasting their time in useless chats would start to do something positive. Computers will have to work less and thus they will consume less power. This power can be given to hospitals and schools.

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