Under What Circumstances Would A User Be Better Off Using A Time-sharing System, Rather Than A Personal Computer Or Single-user Workstation?


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When there are few other users, the task is large, and the hardware is fast, time-sharing makes  sense since the mainframe has more computing power than a personal computer and that full  computing power can be brought to bear on the user’s problem. Using a time-sharing system  would also be appropriate if that system has expensive resources (e.g., a color laser printer)  that are not available on the personal computer. Finally, if the user needs to “run” multiple  tasks simultaneously, the time-sharing system would also be most appropriate, as most  personal computer operating systems (with the exception of Linux) don’t support  multiprocessing very well. (A personal computer, in contrast, would be better when the job is  small enough to be reasonably executed on it, and when the machine’s performance is  sufficient to execute the program to the user’s satisfaction.)  Note that this question asks why “a” user (i.e., a single user) would be better off… It does not  ask about multiple users.

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