Under what circumstance should human beings be preferred to computers?


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Dating and making friends... Online dating is filled with disadvantages such as cash scams and catfishing. 

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Boy, you got that right ! I had a brief online relationship and found out she was married and she wouldn't stop bothering me. Had to block everything. Now I date ladies I meet in the flesh. Good answer there !
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Technology is certainly evolving at an expeditious speed, and there are many circumstances under which a computer can easily replace a human to take care of simple and repetitive tasks, or for the storage of mass data which can not be processed by the human mind. 

However, there are certainly times when human beings are preferred to computers.

This is when emotions are required. One thing that computers can not account for are the dynamics and intricate processes of human emotion. 

So any situation that requires feeling over thought, is the situation where a human is required over a computer. 

Other than this, when a grievance is issued, e.g. By a customer or employee of a company, a computer is not able to weigh up arguments and come to a logical yet emotive response. Again, only a human can do this.

As society makes advances in technology, this is a question we will be asking ourselves more and more!

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