Has your computer or browser ever been locked by one of those FBI or Police viruses?


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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

This virus is a form of randsomware that will literally hold your PC for randsom. The hackers set up a way for you to pay them money so that they can release your PC back into your control. You typically see this virus among pornography websites. 

You will never find this virus on one of my systems. I did, however, have the mispleasure of removing it from a friends PC. Good luck to you.

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i've never had one of those ransomwares since im careful and i don't visit such sites or open strange emails etc. but. sometimes i watch youtube videos of people who play around with these ransomware viruses. its somewhat interesting to me.
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Yes. :( During a time of curiosity, I ended up somewhere I didn't need to be, and out of nowhere the notification took over my computer. Lost everything. Haven't used that pc since.

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