Should I buy an Apple MacBook Air?


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Would you get one for me too, please?

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somya sharma , Apple MacBook Air, answered

You can buy the MacBook Air. It is the light weighted laptop with
enough performance for a large number of users to serve on the road and
on the office desk. It provides you with smooth performance as well good features, that you expect in an Apple's laptop.      

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I will suggest you Macbook pro 13-inch model. It’s the lone laptop to benefit from a Retina screen and the latest Broadwell processors. As for the Air, its stamina is still unbeatable.

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Why not! It's a powerful machine, and very lightweight too.. Perfect if you travel around for work, or can't stand to be away from your laptop for too long.

There are definitely cheaper options on the market, and depending on your budget and your requirements, there may be laptops that better suit your needs, but personally I think it's a great piece of kit.

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Apple MacBook Air MJVG2LL/A 13.3-Inch Laptop (256 GB) NEWEST VERSION the best

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