How do you view private Instagram photos?


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There isn't really a way to view private profiles on Instagram, and for good reason, too.  Instagram is a very large company, and user privacy and security are a priority. 

Instagram, therefore, put a lot of effort into making sure that people can't find a way to access private profiles and photos on their website and app.


Trying to access private profiles and images is a huge breach of privacy, and you'll likely face retributive consequences if you're caught trying to hack into a large company like Instagram. 


There are a number of websites that claim to be able to help you to hack into someone's private Instagram photos, but these are almost guaranteed not to work.

I'd recommend that you simply send the person a follow request.  If they refuse, then let it go.  Don't stoop so low as to violate someone's right to privacy. 

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Instagram users turn their profiles on to private for several reasons:

  1. They are trying to avoid someone
  2. They are worried about people creeping on their pictures
  3. The pictures on their profile are of a "personal" nature
  4. They value their privacy more than they care about sharing filtered images of themselves and their lives.

If you are desperate to get access to someone's private Instagram profile, then the best way is to be a genuinely interesting and appealing user of the social media platform, even if you're not doing it using your own name or image!

Apps that allow you to view

Obviously you're free to check out whatever Instagram Private Profile Viewer apps you like, but I would implore you to *not download anything*

Most of these apps can't be trusted.

At best, they will lead you to page after page of surveys - and in the worst case scenario, they will infect your computer or phone with malware, and attempt to hack your accounts, steal your images, and potentially your bank details (if you have them associated with eBay, Amazon, or something else on your phone).

How can you trust an app not to hack you when essentially the service they claim to offer is hacking another account in the first place?

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If you want to learn how to view/see private Instagram accounts then you have come to the right place. In the recent months and years Instagram has tightened their security and blocked off all access to private accounts, making it virtually impossible to view private accounts. Despite their security measures there is currently still one method that can be used to view private profiles. Instagram is a social media that is basically used to share photos and videos in just a click of the mouse.

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