How do you view a private Instagram?


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Want to know how to view a private Instagram? I've found a way that claims to be simple.

I'll put it in steps, to make it a little easier to follow:

1. Find out the Twitter name of the person whose private Instagram you want to view.

2. Go to this website to convert the person's username to allow you to view their Instagram picture.

3. Paste the person's Twitter name and click submit.

Apparently you might have to take a survey, just because the owner of the website wants to make some money I guess.

Is this Legal?

A lot of you might ask whether this may be legal. I don't know for sure, but I imagine that it is against Instagram's terms and conditions to view a private Instagram account, so don't be surprised if the tool disappears or your Instagram account gets disabled.

I also found a video where you have to install a program to view a private Instagram:

You might also want to look at the helpful answer on this question asked at the end of last year:

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Izzy SouthernGirl
You sure know quite a lot, I am impressed with the people on this site on how much they know wish I was that smart. Hi Emily.
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Or request to follow them '_('-' )_/' if they don't know who you are (because you have a not-your-actual-name username) just talk to them in real life, and casually ask them if they have Instagram...

Don't add someone if there is no existing connection (i.e mutual followers/ people you follow) with them. My friend did that with one of their acquaintances, they it creeped them out a bit, aaand they can't even make eye contact with the person anymore, because they're too nervous and think that the person dislikes them... Not to worry you or anything!!!

Just want to save you the same embarrassment as my friend :-/

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Checking out a private Instagram account is like, you will only be able to see the profile photo and the status of the user, and nothing else. All tags, posts, photos and stories of that private user will not be accessible to everybody, and only user's friends will be able to see their details as well. On Instagram I have chosen to buy views, in order to give my account a boost. Getting more views is not a simple thing, and by organic ways it would take a long time as well. That is why I proceeded in using the tool, buy instagram views. This has given me genuine views from reputed profiles, who maintain good accounts on Instagram. After using this tool, I really find good difference in my account,. I find quick response to whatever I post, and also I get many feed backs for my posts in the form of comments and personal messages on my inbox as well.

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