Why does instagram video fail to upload?


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There could be a bunch of reasons why your Instagram video is not  uploading, here are some of the most common:

Why your Instagram video is not uploading (and how you can fix that)

The most common problems that people experience when having difficulty uploading images and videos to Instagram are:

- Internet/wifi/broadband cutting out

- Instagram's internal servers crashing

Both of these can often be fixed simply closing the app and then trying again once connectivity has been restored.

In fact, restarting the app is a good way to solve most problems with the Instagram app. Sometimes it gets a bit buggy, and needs refreshing.. It used to happen more with the older version of Instagram.

That brings me to the next most common reason Instagram content fails to upload:

- You could be running an older version of Instagram, and need to update.

If this is the case, just check out the appstore or play store etc...

Other problems people experience when loading stuff up on Instagram are:

- File size is exceeded

- Log in credentials need updating (for example, if you changed your login details or profile name on your computer, but haven't logged out and back into the app on your phone for example...)

Still having problems with Instagram? Check this video out:

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You may have to re do it if browser refresh wont work.
You could also Try copying the web address at the top of the browser (right click it and copy) then shut down the browser and open it. Now paste the link (you copied into the clipboard earlier with the right click) and then paste it into the browser address at the top then hit enter.

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