Why do my followers keep dropping on Instagram?


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Anthony Barnes , Conent Writer at Promoting Team, answered

It could be for any of these reasons:

  1. The quality and frequency of your content has decreased.
  2. Some of your followers weren’t really interested in you in the first place, they only followed you to get follow backs in a manual or automated manner.
  3. You had fake followers (whether intentionally or not) 
    and Instagram have deleted their accounts.

Bot activity can also be the reason behind this. Every day I get comments, likes and follows from people that
are using automated resources to gain followers (things like auto following or
auto liking anyone who uses a hashtag). These practices create shifts in your
follower count.

Using bots can cause both positive and negative effect on
your account.
If you are using bot from a company
that are providing well automated functional bots, then that might help your account.
If not, then you are in trouble.

To avoid that:

  • Make sure you keep your content high quality and frequent.
  • Have quality traffic sources that drive users to your account
        that are likely to like your Instagram and follow you for legitimate reasons. Try participating in conversations on your niche and using 
    adequate hashtags.
  • Use bots from trusted sources to increase your followers.
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Anonymous answered

Most likely because they are fake and Instagram is removing them after a spam update. My little sis bought 10k followers from Wizish and 500 dropped a week later... That's what she gets lol

Chantel Lee Profile
Chantel Lee answered

Here's some reasons:

-You posted something certain people don't like

-You haven't posted lately

-You didn't follow them back (Some people follow accounts to get followers; if you don't follow them back, they unfollow-this happens to me on Twitter lots)

That's all I can think of..I hope this helps :)

Yo Kass Profile
Yo Kass answered

I think the number one answer to why people's Instagram following numbers go up and down is that there are a lot of people who only follow others on Instagram in order to get more followers themselves.

Why your Instagram followers are dropping

There are tools you can use to work out who's unfollowing you and when (check out Nitrogram for example), but to be honest this phenomenon doesn't just exist on Instagram, it's a pretty common thing on social media - Twitter is well known for fluctuating follower stats for example.

Just don't take it personally, and try not to worry too much about how many people are following you (unless you're running a branded/business profile, in which case it matters!)

How to get more followers on Instagram

The number one rule for getting more followers on any social media platform, including Instagram, is interaction.

When you mention someone, tag them, like their photos, leave a comment - they will check out your profile. This happens in most cases, unless they are a celebrity with thousands of followers and they don't check on their fans often.

Otherwise, you can mostly get anyone to check out your Instagram just by engaging with them.

The second part, getting them to follow you on Instagram, really comes down to how interesting your profile looks.

When you're first starting out - it can be tough to get people interested if you don't have many pics.

But keep using Instagram, keep interacting with other users, and you'll have a decent follower count in a few weeks if you work on it!

jhon michle Profile
jhon michle answered

It may be due to posting of irrelevant stuff by yourself, you should review your strategies and try to post informative stuff to get your followers back.

Golam Rabbani Profile
Golam Rabbani , Social Media Marketing and Engagements Service, answered

May be you bought followers from the internet and those are fake followers.

Or you have not active on Instagram and posting low quality content that's why lossing followers.

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Jennifer Zeng answered

Probably things you posted didn't arouse more interest of your followers. They might be attracted by one of your posts and then follow you. But you don't continuously provide something really interesting or interact with your followers more often, then the figures drop.

Greg Wright Profile
Greg Wright answered

There are several reasons due to which followers dropping on any Instagram account. Some of the reasons are mentioned below:-

1. You may be posted irrelevant content from your account.

2. You may be had fake followers.

3. Your followers are not interesting to you or your post.

I know It's quite difficult to manage account when your followers are dropping. In that situation, you can buy Instagram followers from that agency who deal with real Instagram followers. It will help you a lot to maintain the dignity of your account.

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Martin Garret answered

If you worry about dropping of followers but you consider your content as a good one then is it so serious? I mean, if you need to get more and more followers to promote your account then it's a different story. Read how to buy Instagram likes with credit card and enjoy good results.

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Jessie Lwing answered

Try to check whether you have the three reasons:

1. The quality of your post is decreasing.

2. The frequency for you to publish your post is decreasing.

3. There might be some fake followers of your account.

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Matilda Kunher answered

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John bmn answered

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