How to gain more followers on instagram?


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It depends on what you mean, my friend. Are the followers people you know or don't know? If they're people you know, scout them out! :P It sounds stalkerish, but try to find people you know, and follow them. They may just follow you back. If they're people you don't know, I would just take my profile off of private....and just see what happens. You have to try to post regularly, and try to make sure your posts are interesting. I myself, don't have a lot of followers....XD I don't do a lot of the above though, so I'm assuming that's the "correct" thing to do.

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Anthony Barnes answered

There are several Instagram
marketing strategies you can use to gain thousands of Instagram followers per
month. Here are some of them to help you
start with:

1.  Like,
comment, follow and DM other accounts.
Many of them will return the favour.

2.  Use shout
for shouts.
Find other accounts that are a
similar size to yours, and ask them to promote your account (for free) and
you’ll do the same for them.

3.  Get
featured by large accounts and influencers.
You can either pay them to promote you, or you can find large accounts that are
‘content curators’. Then simply send them your content via DM and email, tag
them in your posts, comment on their posts (and mention them in the comment
using the @ symbol) and do anything else to get their attention.

4.  Host viral
Offer a great prize to a random
winner in return for them liking and commenting your content, reposting your
content, sharing your content with their friends and family, and / or following
your account

5.  Use 30
That’s how many you’re allowed to
use per post, so use all of them!

6.  Join
engagement groups.
These are agreements between
Instagram accounts to regularly promote and interact with each other. I don’t
personally use these, but many people do.

7.  Use the
network effect.
Promote your Instagram account on
all your other digital channels (e.g. Social media, your email signature,
LinkedIn profile, website, etc)

8.  Use
Facebook / Instagram advertising.
You can target people who are already interested and engaged with accounts
similar to yours.

9.  Post high
quality content.
No matter how good your promotion
is, if the content sucks, people won’t follow you.

Buy instagram
likes and followers.
It will help you to get your account to the top right after you start
following this technique.

But always be careful to buy likes and followers from a
trusted source.
they will provide you who real likes ad followers who would engage with your content.

is one of the trusted source from which you can buy likes and
. So, I
would recommend you to use this website if you are interested.

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John Johnston answered

There are several strategies that are available in the market through which you can gain more number of followers to your Instagram account. Being a digital marketer, I want to share some information which will help you to gain a number of followers:-

1. Create a clear Instagram strategy.

2. Share compelling content.

3. Promote your Instagram presence and hashtag on other social media platforms.

4. Use the relevant hashtag in your post.

5. Follow other relevant users.

6. Post at the right time to get more views.

If you want to read more tips then I would suggest you to just take a look at Galaxy Marketing. Here you will get some of the best tips to grow followers on your Instagram account.

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The number of followers on your Instagram account depends on the activity that you perform on your accounts such as the quality of the photo, posting time, captions, hashtags, and more. Most of the people will recommend you to buy Instagram followers from tools or applications but try to grow it organically.

Being a marketer, I am sharing some tips which will help you to gain more followers on your account easily:-

1. Design a great profile.

2. Follow photography and editing best practices.

3. Use hashtags relevant to your niche.

4. Engage with other users.

5. Publish Instagram stories.

6. Do cross-promotions.

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