Does Anyone Know How To Get More Followers On Twitter ?


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There's no one guaranteed way to get lots of Twitter followers, but here's some recommendations that will certainly improve and increase your number of followers: 

1. Make sure your Twitter profile is visible in all your other public profiles. Facebook, G+, LinkedIn, any blogs you have... This will bring in connections you have made on other social networks. 

2. Use a real picture, and one that stands out and raises people's interest. If your profile photo is generic or looks fake, then you'll turn a lot of people off. 

 3. Work on your bio. Summing yourself up in a few lines is tough. Instead, try to focus on sharing the kind of information that is likely to appeal to the "kind" of people you want as followers. 

 4. If you say in your bio that you're interested in digital marketing (or some other profession), then stick to that in most of your tweets. 

Straying off topic will show you're not a robot, but do it too often and people that followed you because they wanted to learn more about your profession will soon drop off. 

5. Be geo-specific. Even if you don't plan to meet up with any of your followers in real life, sharing something in common like living in the same city will indicate that your tweets could potentially provide them with useful local insights - yet another reason to follow you! 

6. Share and tweet useful stuff. People will only follow you if you can provide something useful to them. 

When someone lands on your profile, they'll see a view of maybe 3 of your tweets... Those tweets need to have an immediate value, so posting engaging info 100% of the time is the best way to hook in followers. 

7. Use hashtag trends - they're a bit like throwing yourself into a global conversation. 

People interested in that trend will be more likely to accidentally stumble upon your profile this way. 

 For example, I used the hashtag #SXSW, the name of a conference I was interested in attending. As soon as I posted a tweet with that hashtag, companies and individuals that planned to attend the same event began interacting with me. 

8. Use your own "themed" hashtag. If you're a web designer, occasionally drop in the hashtag #webdesign in your tweets. This will distinguish you as a regular member of the web design community. 

9. Follow people. The trick to following people is to only follow people of value to you. 

 Every time someone checks out your profile, they'll be tempted to have a look at who you're following - to see what you're all about. 

Following people that provide useful and relevant content is great because it gives you a source of retweets. Use the search and hashtag discover to find people. 

10. Be nice and positive. Flattery wil get you very far on twitter. People also respond well if you message them using the @ symbol, asking them questions that show how useful or intelligent they are. 

Posting positive messages is also a great idea, no-one wants to follow someone that's always complaining about stuff (unless it's in a humorous way), so keep your tweets upbeat!

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Simplay start following other people most of them will follow you back
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It is not so easy to get lot of followers.

To do this,
-you have to supply regular quality tweets.
- Intereact with other tweeterers.
- Follow the most interesting people.
-Not do any kind of spam.

You can also grow you followers with third party. I recommend to hire real people not bots.
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You could try finding your friends there, i was also trying to get some followers, i think the think that matters is be friendly and follow more people!

You must be active on twitter, post some interesting links there, what you're doing. Gossip with your followers and from whom you're following.

This definitely will help you to gain more followers, be patient, you won't be the twitter star in a day or two.

Hope this helps!
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Simply start following other people and most of them will have the curtosy to follow you back. That's the way I got to 1500 followers. It does take time though
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you're just interested in getting more followers and not who they are
or what they tweet about then I stumbled across allot of accounts that
are follow back accounts. If you post on twitter with the #followback or
#teamfollowback and follow others who tweat with the same hashtag then
you will gain more followers.

way it works is, you follow others and they will follow you back. If
one unfollows the other then the other unfollows them. It’s a simple
good idea if you care about how many followers you have but don’t care
who they are or what they tweet.

will warn you though that if you do that then your timeline is most
likely to be bombarded with spam. Thats why I don’t follow those

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Following are my are tactics to get more Followers on Twitter

1.  Be Funny and Witty----- People like people who can make them laugh. Go figure :-)

2.  Create Curiosity—Use rehash which is the easiest way to create curiosity

3.  Be Interesting----- You have got to introduce your followers to people, places, or ideas they may not have heard about.

4.  If you want to get more Twitter followers, you’ve got to write tweets that people want to read.

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- Follow people and follow your follower

- Be active

- Retweet post

- Send direct @message

- Find influencer and follow them

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Getting more followers is quite difficult. You have to follow others, share your Twitter account with others.

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- Use the search tool at to find people interested in the same things as you
- Tweet often about things you find interesting
- Build relationships using the @username command for direct conversation
- Use tools such as MrTweet and Twollow to find and follow people
- Be active!
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Just advertise it and you probably will get more users or whatever you talking bout okay
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Joseph schumacher
That's an awful answer Ladybee13, do you even know what twitter is ?
Joseph schumacher
If you don't know about something... Don't answer questions about it alright? How about learning to spell while you're at it, you are totally incomprehensible.

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