How To Delete Followers In Twitter?


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The only way to 'delete' a follower on Twitter is to block the user.

This can be done by looking at your list of followers, and selecting the follower you wish to block.

Once you are viewing that users profile, by clicking on the silhouetted face to the right of their name you will be given the 'block user' option.

Twitter will not notify the user that you have blocked them, but if they try to view your tweets, they may realise you've blocked them. 

Once you have blocked a user:

  • your tweets will no longer appear in their timeline
  • they won't be able to @reply you.

Protected Tweets If you want to have control over who can and who can't view your tweets, you can make your account private (by default your Twitter account is public).

This will mean that users will need to be approved before they are able to follow you, and allows you to see who wants to follow you and approve or deny them.

It does, however, mean that if you @reply a user that doesn't follow you, they won't be able to view your tweet. It also means that other users can't retweet you.
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You don't delete followers, you just unfollow them.

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You can't delete followers, but you can unfollow people. Besides, followers are nice ;)

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