What are the things that might convince you to follow someone you don't yet know on Twitter?


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Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered

I trust my gut instinct  here. I would love to accept everyone but most of the youngsters want only numbers to impress their friends and I have nothing in common with  them so unfortunately for them, I pass on them so I guess I would say age and common areas influence me

Nickie Wren Profile
Nickie Wren answered

Things/followers in common & interesting bios then I follow but if I don't like their tweets I'll unfollow. Can't be doing with a timeline glogged up with things that don't interest me!

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Yo Kass
Yo Kass commented
Excellent answer! I dunno if you do this, but I usually give people some time to "prove themselves" before I unfollow
Nickie Wren
Nickie Wren commented
I do!

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