How do i get lots of followers on instagram?

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My advice to get more followers on Instagram is to be committed to liking actual photos that you interest you, comment on those photos, and follow people that share a similar taste of photos that you do. It takes time, but you will have actual followers and not spammers. This will also let others know you're legit when wanting to be a part of the community.

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Yo Kass
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I know this is a pretty broad question, but do you think the same applies to Pinterest? And how do you think more 'visual' social networks differ in terms of growing a following or interacting with people?
Andrew Neal
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I think the same principles could be applied to Pinterest. Although, I feel that Pinterest is growing more into a socially visual catalog for e-commerce, bookmarking, and sharing interests. With Instagram, it's more of selfies, pictures of clouds, and celebrities. It fits in the style that Facebook wanted, so it's easy to understand why the company bought it.
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By posting informative stuff on your instagram and by following some others, you can get a lot of followers towards you.

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There are many ways to be super engaged with Instagram users. I would like to share this helpful article with you to study how to make it and get more benefits.

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