How do i get lots of followers on instagram?


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I would first suggest slightly rephrasing the question itself since there are fast ways and then there are sustainable ways that bring long-term results.

When just starting out on Instagram with the objective of using it for
business or influencing, some people are compelled to buy followers and likes and take a shortcut, thinking they tricked the system.

The truth is - this does not work. Even though results are very fast,
instant in fact, they cannot compare to those achieved through dedicated work and thought through strategy. The followers you gain are bots that are easy to detect by other users and will not contribute to your sales or influence.

The organic way of gaining a following is far more time consuming and requires having a strategy and dedicating a lot of time to achieving your goals. Here are some things that you should think about:

  1. Deciding on a theme.
    Everything will make much more sense if you have a particular theme that you’re running on your profile since you’ll have peers to compare to, trends you know you have to keep an eye on, specific audience, frequent hashtags etc. The options of what can be Instagram content are infinite, so trying to cover everything will lead to being good at nothing.
  2. Once you have a theme, you should identify your competitors.
    I don’t necessarily like calling them that, since these people can easily contribute to your success given you form a good relationship with them. Anyway, other influencers in this field are an important in terms of helping you stay on top of new trends and common practices.
  3. To continue with the previous point, finding and connecting with other people who are on the same journey can help you a lot. It’s always a good idea to reach out to them and see if there are any opportunities for collaborating and cross promoting each other’s content.
  4. Hashtags can be incredibly powerful when it comes to growing an account organically. A good hashtag is one that is relevant but not too broad or overly abused to the point where it doesn’t necessarily have appeal to your target audience.
    Hashtags that have several thousand views are great for getting your content on the Explore page which is guaranteed to get you noticed.
  5. You should use hashtags to find and engage with other people who use them since this is a known way of getting noticed and followed by the relevant audience. You can also find these people among your competitor’s followers and use the same method of approaching them.

Now if you want to set small goals and buy few followers and likes for starting phase then you have the same strategy but more effective result. Just do the things according to above mentioned points and boost those initiatives by buying few
followers and likes.

The points I brought up are broad, since every particular theme and profile have specific things that only apply to them. These however can and should be used in all scenarios.

Be patient and best of luck!

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My advice to get more followers on Instagram is to be committed to liking actual photos that you interest you, comment on those photos, and follow people that share a similar taste of photos that you do. It takes time, but you will have actual followers and not spammers. This will also let others know you're legit when wanting to be a part of the community.

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Yo Kass
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I know this is a pretty broad question, but do you think the same applies to Pinterest? And how do you think more 'visual' social networks differ in terms of growing a following or interacting with people?
Andrew Neal
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I think the same principles could be applied to Pinterest. Although, I feel that Pinterest is growing more into a socially visual catalog for e-commerce, bookmarking, and sharing interests. With Instagram, it's more of selfies, pictures of clouds, and celebrities. It fits in the style that Facebook wanted, so it's easy to understand why the company bought it.
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follow people, share nice  photos not many at once.  Use tags " " can be useful

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By posting informative stuff on your instagram and by following some others, you can get a lot of followers towards you.

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There are many ways to be super engaged with Instagram users. I would like to share this helpful article with you to study how to make it and get more benefits.

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You might already know Instagram is one of the most growing channel where you can grow your business easily. If you are looking for tips to get lots of followers on Instagram then these are helpful for you:-

1. Cross promote your dedicated hashtag.

2. Do some creativity with your hashtag.

3. Take participate in the most popular conversation.

4. Get descriptive with your captions.

5. Removed unwanted tagged photos from your profile.

6. Never buy Instagram followers from tools who deal with fake followers.

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It's not an easy thing. First of all, you should find your niche since the competition on the platform is very high. Maybe you have specific things to offer or, say, your pictures are uniquely edited with interesting effects. So, search for originality. And don't mind things which can promote your account. You can buy automatic instagram likes for instance which will make your profile more attractive to new users.

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