How do I get followers on You Tube?

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Anthony Barnes , Conent Writer at Promoting Team, answered

YouTube's followers are known as subscribers to You-tubers and it's users.

Subscribers are the main factor for the success or failure of any channel. If you have more subscribers then you will eventually have more viewers and thus your videos will keep getting more and more exposure.

But if you can't get more viewers, your subscriber rate will not increase. As your video's not reaching towards a larger audience.

And to get more views and to rank your YouTube videos in YouTube's search result is by getting more and more likes.

In YouTube’s search engine, 90% of people  will click on one of the
top three videos.
You surely want your video on one of the top three results. One of the ways you can be there is if you buy YouTube likes.

If you buy YouTube likes then people will not only like them. But also will be watching it the entire route through. As you have more likes people will trust your videos and your viewers will increase gradually.

Promoting Team is one the best place for buying YouTube likes. Their prices for buying likes are comparatively low then other websites too.

They provide likes from real and active YouTube  users and thus  your content gets more engagements. So if you are interested, then do give them a visit.

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Just Upload videos and wait. I'm just starting out on youtube I don't have  that many subscribers or anything really...

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Redge Gonzales answered

Before thinking of having more followers, you may want to consider how to get more viewers..


Use a catchy title

- Include description

- Use relevant tagging

- Be social. Share your video

Your viewers are also your potential followers.

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