how to get 1k Instagram followers?


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Lauren Rickard answered

The best way to get a lot of Instagram followers is to use a lot of popular hashtags. For example, if you post things with regards to fashion, you could hashtag #fashion #runway #clothes etc. 

You could also tag popular Instagram users in your photos, thus leading their followers to you.

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John Johnston answered

In the advanced technology of the world, it's quite difficult to get 1k followers on your Instagram account. You will have to various steps to increase followers on your Instagram account such as

1. Use Instagram automation tools to gain the number of followers.

2. Write compelling captions in your post.

3. Create a great bio and profile.

4. Tag relevant users in your post.

5. Engage with existing communities.

These steps will help you to become famous on Instagram(Instagram ber├╝hmt werden) with a large number of followers.

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If you think to get followers on your Instagram account is an easy task then it's not. It requires a proper strategy to get 1k followers. Nowadays people buy Instagram likes and followers tools to become popular on Instagram.

Tips to get 1k followers easily:-

1. Choose the best theme for your profile.

2. Add relative and informative bio in each and every post.

3. Link your Instagram account to other social media.

4. Never make your Instagram post private.

5. Try to engage with your users.

6. Avoid using unrelated tags.

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