How to get free instagram followers likes and comments?


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Anthony Barnes , Conent Writer at Promoting Team, answered

This is what I do to increase followers, likes and comments on my instagram account and thus my content gets huge engagements:

1. Making interactive content

It can be a content that make your audience have to answer
the question, or some little gratification that related to your brand.

2. Tap to Top Trending Hashtag

You can always check top trending hashtag. All you have to do is making a content that related to its hashtag and then your work is done.

3. Held an activity on Instagram

Mini-quiz, fill in the blank and other is a great example on how to held a mini activity on your Instagram account. Don't forget to invited other audience from your other social media like Facebook or Twitter.


Yep. People always like and love quote content. Just post any of the motivational quotes on your Instagram. This will increase the number of your audience.

5. Buy Instagram comments and followers

This might Sound ridiculous to you at first but trust me it works. Buying instagram likes, followers and comments automatically boost your  credibility and trusted. This gives a huge boost to your instagram account.

Promoting Team is one of the best website to buy likes and followers. They are trusted too and a huge number of people use their services every day. So if you are interested then do give them a visit.

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daniel paul answered

Having more likes, followers or comments are the mark of one's strong social presence. Gaining these service for free can be useful, but some people even buy fake followers and comments! These people are losers.

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John Johnston answered

The likes and comments on your Instagram post are directly proportional to the number of followers on your account. To get more likes and comments to your post, you will have to gain more numbers of followers to your account. You can also buy likes and comments from some Instagram marketing tools. It will also help you to gain a number of followers to your account. Galaxy marketing provides one of the best tools to gain more likes and comments to your post.

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