How can I reach 10000 followers on instagram without advertising?


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Anthony Barnes , Conent Writer at Promoting Team, answered

These are few things you need to follow to raise your Instagram followers to 10,000 followers without advertising :

  1. Decide your category which means what type of account you want to create and what sort of pictures you want your followers to see.
  2. Be consistent with your posts, be it photos or videos. In my opinion, you should posts at least 2 times a day for your followers to notice you. Don’t overdo it otherwise you might lose your followers.
  3. In 2018, it’s all about Instagram stories. Even if you are not uploading photos a lot but keep posting stories to engage your followers. Make your stories interesting by using Boomerang, GIF, Superzoom. Generally, when people open Instagram,
    they first check out the stories and then scroll down to see the posts.
  4. Engage your followers whether by asking questions or sharing your thoughts.
  5. Build your profile, posts high-quality pictures and videos. Don’t compromise with the quality.
  6. Follow Influencers from your interests as much as you can.
  7. Last but not the least, buy instagram followers. It might sound pretty strange but trust me it works. As I have mentioned
    earlier that Instagram is a highly competitive platform to stand out. So to make things work out your own way you can use this trick. 
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Greg Wright answered

There are two option through which you can increase followers on your Instagram account:-

1. Increase it organically.

2. Buy Instagram Followers from applications.

Among both of these, I would suggest you to grow your followers organically because through this you will get real Instagram followers. These tips will help you a lot to grow your followers organically:-

1. Make your account public.

2. Post relevant content from your account.

3. Do some creativity with your hashtag.

4. Cross-promote your Instagram page on other social media platform.

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The number of followers on your Instagram account is no more depends on the advertising. It depends on the activity that you perform on your account and quality of your post. You will get followers on your account easily if you follow a proper strategy.

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Matilda Kunher answered

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