Is SEO dead?


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It is not. About Google updates which made some websites flush out from search engine's result. 

Google did in fact penalize many sites with its recent update and knocked a whole bunch off its pages of Google’s search results.

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No, not at all. SEO is not dead and has only evolved with time. What used to work 5-6 years back can now only end damaging your website's reputation. Google has changed its algorithms which means that they have become smarter. What works now is quality over quantity. That said, it would make more sense to create authority and credibility online than creating thousands of unrelated low quality backlinks.

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SEO is not dead. As long as there is Google and other search engines, SEO won't be dead. It should have been stated as "some SEO strategies from before will not work for today. Google and other search engines are updating their search algorithm, so it's important to keep it." Technology is ever changing, so are the people.

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Thanks for sharing this Angela, but could you give a bit info about the article rather than just linking? We're all about quality content and being helpful after all ;)

I was reading something really interesting just now about GooglePlus profile PageRank and how optimising your links and connections on social might become the new SEO. What do you think to that?
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I agree with the Fred Jules .SEO is not dying .It is still in market. Varied techniques of SEO have been applied in order to protect from panda and penguin etc.Techniques like PPC ,Video SEO ,branding and many more can be done to promote your business.

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I'd be interested in learning more about Video SEO! Also what do you think about backlinks? Are they still worth it considering most sites are getting more efficient at moderating them out (like Blurtit)
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SEO is not dead, but the techniques that people were
following before are not of use this time. As Google updates its algorithms
frequently, so method of doing SEO gets changed with the time. If you have your
online business and you are worried about that, you do not need to. 

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SEO will never be dead :)

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SEO is alive and better than ever. Gone are the days where you can buy 50 domains and link them all back to one in order to get your clients to the top of Google. There are now restrictions in place that require SEO Companies to generate and maintain original, quality content and build high-quality links in order to rank on Google.

I guess the point of what I’m trying to say is that SEO has changed but that doesn’t mean that it’s dead. SEO just requires more work and dedication than it used to. So, the next time you hear someone say, “SEO is Dead!” What they’re actually saying is “SEO is no longer easy!” and that’s okay, if we wanted to do what was easy, we probably wouldn’t have chosen a career in the constantly changing and evolving field that is SEO.

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The notion that SEO (or Search Engine Optimisation) is dead comes up every now and then on the internet - especially everytime Google rolls out another Panda/Penguin/Whatever-the-latest-search-algorithm-change-is-being-called.

This is based on the idea that there's no point "gaming" search engines any more - their algorithms are becoming too sophisticated, and even the sneakiest black hat practitioner is getting caught in Google's efforts to tidy up their results pages.

Did Panda kill the SEO star?

Personally, I don't agree with the notion that Google updates make SEO redundant. In fact, the more Google's ranking criteria improves - the more important implementing a sound SEO strategy is.

Rather than killing SEO, I think Google have made it a basic and obvious requirement for any individual or company hoping to get a prime spot on a search page.

Every web development or design team should have things like H tags, title tags, keyword choices, keyword-stuffed content in mind...

These are all now basic SEO practices that even a novice could recommend you implement (at a reasonably priced consultancy fee).

So who did Google search updates kill?

If anyone is dying out, it's the so called "SEO expert".

You only need to do a quick Google search on "SEO" to find a number of articles and webinars that will help you work out what SEO strategy you need to start implementing.

Anyone that markets themselves as an SEO consultant is simply feeding you basic info that you should be ably to find freely on the web - or, if you're running a business, that your dev or design team should know all about anyway!

Back-linking and offsite SEO

The other thing to take into consideration when working out how relevant SEO still is to your business is the world of "optimising" that you need to do off-site.

A few years ago, you could easily climb Google's SERPs by tidying up your site and making it everything Google requires from a publisher.

Nowadays, you have to go far beyond the walls of your own website, and venture into the world of social media, back-linking, and even submitting to article directories.

Unfortunately for all those people who relied on the last two practices to get to the top of search results, Google's updates (and the general evolution of the internet) have made sure the process is very very time consuming.

So much so that anyone who doesn't have the time or budget to mass produce content and spam usually just gives up before they see any real impact on their search ranking.

Social Media Experts

As I mentioned before, social media has become a big part of SEO - and Google certainly takes into consideration all those 'social shares" pointing to your site from Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn/Blurtit - and how much "value" those links have to your overall inbound link quality.

However, just as the SEO experts have started dying out - I've noticed a new breed of "social media expert" forming.

Whilst there are a few genuine social media evangelists out there, a lot of people have jumped on the bandwagon - and these guys aren't afraid to charge clients ridiculous sums for simply posting thousands of links on Twitter.

The problem I have with these SME's is that even if the click-through-rate on their posts is something like 0.20% (not that great in the first place), the actual return on investment for brands and companies that employ them to drive product-buying traffic is usually a lot less.

Furthermore, these guys are also the reason there is so much spam and fake profiles on Twitter - and no-one likes a marketer that bites the hand that feeds!

I've only been reading up on SEO and social media for a relatively short amount of time, and I'm by no means an expert - but from my experiences, SEO still matters and is far from dead.

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After the Panda, Penguin and Humming bird upgrades a lot of things have changed but SEO has still managed to remain as one of the most powerful tools. There is speculation about SEO being dead, but truth is that with the help of web content and integrated backlinks, it has still managed to remain as the most basic tool of them all. To avoid any complications as such, you can buy professionally written content from places all over the web

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It's just good content. With good content comes the back links you need. Good content is shareable - social media covered.

The best place to put your focus is on content. Mainly at your place but then places like Quora, forums, AND BLURTIT!

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Kyle Eschenroeder
If I were you, I'd help a couple bloggers get a big boost from your site and then let them tell the world about it. That way you're not directly promoting it - you're just displaying that it works.
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That's a very good point, can you think of a way to word that into a Blurtit question so we can open this debate up to some of the awesome bloggers in our community?
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This is fact that SEO needs only fresh and quality able content.SEO works with fresh content there should no duplicate in the content.If we provide fresh content to the Google then SEO is goof for the website and if we provide duplicate content to the Google then SEO is negative for the website.
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Make sure you update regularly with unique content on your site. Optimize your webpage to be SEO friendly for all your pages. Next you will need to post across different social channels. Do what you can not to post on irrelevant site that will hurt your authority. Here is a list of sites you can get started with.

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No , not at all . Seo won't be dead.Is just some techniques in seo are not used like directory submission because it takes 3 to 4 months for approving so it's  just going to be closed .Seo plays huge role in our optimizing our website ..Always keep update about new updates of Seo and always good used better content for getting better result..

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SEO Is Not Dead. And never will be.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the art of creating a greater visibility for websites in search engines. SEO is about helping to make websites successful by generating relevant traffic from search engines.

You must need to be very careful with SEO activities like ON page and OFF page. Try to create high quality links and also focus on quality content. Best SEO companies with help  you in a better way to achieve a relevant traffic in affordable prices.

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Critics of search engine optimization (SEO) say that if it is not dead now, it will be dead soon. This is simply not the case. The current circulation of information says that search engines are shifting away from traditional SEO, in order to focus on higher quality content.

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