Does anyone else ever use the 'Search Tools' on Google's homepage such as time and by location? I've found it is the only way to get the results I'm looking for.


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Melinda Moore , Ex-researcher, answered

Yes, I almost always use search tools of some sort, even if only to narrow down the search to the last week, or month, or whatever.

That's not always terribly reliable, though - as it often leads to a series of search results which prove to be for articles that are years out of date, but which were contained in a publication whose latest edition was published much more recently - but which doesn't contain the article that I'm trying to find!

If I'm still struggling to find what I need, as a result of this sort of thing, then I'll set much more specific parameters in terms of dates, or keywords, or whatever.

I also use the specific country option quite often, if I want to be able to cut out information that applies to other countries quickly and easily.

I tend to use speech marks a lot when searching, too - to narrow down the results, and make them more specific, especially if I'm searching for someone by name.

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