Is Twitter good for SEO?


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Ankur sood answered

Twitter Account Does not help on SEO. Twitter is used to Increasing the Traffic ranking of website,

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Yo Kass answered

Honestly, I don't really think Twitter has a significant SEO benefit at all.

If you're planning to try and influence Google's opinion of your site through social signals, I'd strongly recommend using Google Plus instead.

There are theories that +1's and other public recommendations that people endorse your site's G+ page with, the more of a trusted source you become.

You're also apparently more likely to show up in the search results of people who have interacted with you on G+

You may also want to look into authorship and linking your G+ profile with content you create on your website.

So yeah, overall, Twitter can be a source of traffic from social, but don't expect to see much change in your SEO performance just because you're on Twitter.

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Teresa Garcia answered

Twitter is good when it comes to communicating with your clients. Lately, Google is planning to rank Twitter links on search results. So, I think being active in Twitter will somehow help you rank your site.

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Christie Rodriguez , Christie Rodriguez, answered

Yes, twitter is good for SEO, with this i would share some twitter SEO tips which you can use in marketing:

  1. The art of using keywords
  2. Optimise your profile for SEO
  3. Introduce yourself(twitter bio is indexed regularly).

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Mitchell Lachie answered

I think that it is....but you should use your twitter account smartly. There might be a time when you post your tweets in an off time, then you will get no results. For the best and most effective result you should post your tweets in peak times and there are apps that will help you do that.

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bobby Keefe ,, answered

Update for 2015:

I see this post has been around for about a year now so I figure I'll update it. Twitter and all the other social media sites no use "do-not-follow" tags for links. This means that they won't help your SEO when it comes to giving your site meaningful referances.

Where they can help still is by giving you traffic to your site. When the search engines see more people coming to your site (and hopefully staying on your site with your excellent relevant content) they will reward you by giving your search results more weight.

Best of luck!

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Christina White answered

Well, SEO has really expanded criteria, it's all about to make your website search engine and user friendly and getting traffic to your site.

I would like to add that SEO has totally different way where you can manage your On-Page and Off-Page activities, but Social media promotion is also one of essential strategies of Search Engine Optimization.

Twitter is the best place to market your business, and you can get massive traffic through the same source. So, I recommend, strong and active Twitter profile for effective Social media promotions.

Social Media Signals really work for SEO. So, you can improve your Social status by using Twitter. Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest are also some great options for the website promotion.

It's era of Content marketing, and you really can't get much without these social media sites. So, use these social media sources as a incredible strategies.

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Charles Bosse answered

Yes, Because Google used it as a source of signal. Twitter used as a signal in Google’s organic and news rankings. Google also use it to enhance their news universal by marking how many people shared an article that serves as their ranking factor. Last year Google and Twitter struck a deal which once again gave Google access to Twitter's data stream; this simply means that Twitter has a big impact in rankings.

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Ayoub Tabout answered

Yes it is good for SEO, there's an experiment (in Arabic), on this experiment there was 3 articles on three different new blogs with the same number of characters. Volunteers shared one article on Twitter and the other one on G+ and the other one on Facebook. After one week the article shared on twitter was the most improved on rankings it ranked on the first page on targeted keyword

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Twitter is  the most popular micro blogging platform as of today .Twitter
is a large network and  has the potential to supplement your SEO

activities .  If the tweets from your account are focused and topical
then it surely helps you to establish your online reputation and build a
brand online. But, on the contrary, vague tweets do not have any SEO
benefit and it is just a sheer waste of time and energy.

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