How Often Do You Check Your E-mail?


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Usually, every morning after I'm done going through the site for spam and in the evening to clear out all the notifications from blurtit. Had over a 100 this morning. Plus I have people to keep in contact with plus my job at Slitherine that I have to log my hours on the games I beta-test. So, at least twice every day.

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yarnlady answered
I don't have to check my e-mail, because I have a tiny icon at the bottom of my screen that flashes at me when a message comes in on one of my accounts, and another icon that lights up on the bar at the top of my screen for a different account.
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Anonymous answered
Usually twice a day unless I'm expecting something.
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Charice Miller answered
All the time!!

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