Do You Think I Should Change My Avatar?


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Julia answered
I think it would be a good idea. I'd hate to see you get booted.
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Anonymous commented
Yea good point, I always forget about having to tip toe through the words here lol
emma loveees youuu xo
It was automatically changed to some random blue thing anyway, so i had to change it :)
Julia commented
Yes. Only because of the first word listed. You could try something creative? Maybe Dip the World in Figgy Pudding? Anyone else have anything creative that sends a similar message?
walter jedyk Profile
walter jedyk answered
It's all own decision.
Mike McCarthy Profile
Mike McCarthy answered
Change it to what you look like.  You'll get MORE friends that way.
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Anonymous answered
Again? You just recently changed it, right? I think this one is pretty nice and stands out. Why would you want or need to change it again? Is there a reason that I don't know about? (or is it a secret?).
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Anonymous answered
No need, i think your avatar is great.

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