When Can A Child Learn To Use A Computer Mouse?


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Around their third birthday. Some children manage it earlier. Many are later. Example: I have 3 children who achieved reasonable mastery of the mouse at 2y 10months, 3yrs 1 month, and 3yrs 3 months.

A very few children will start to knowingly interact with the computer from about 18 months. They can hit the space bar, letters on the keyboard, or maybe even manage the mouse -- a little. But they will struggle with all the mouse functions, like "dragging", dropping, double clicking, etc.

Learning on a Mac computer mouse is easier as there is usually only one mouse button. Learning on a remote (wireless) mouse may be harder, as it's easier to turn the mouse completely the wrong way around!

Some children just don't have the fine motor control -- or the patience and concentration span! - to learn to use a computer at 36 months (barely 3). This is nothing to worry about. In fact, it might be a good thing to delay computer skills longer. Some "experts" argue that children under 2 should have no exposure to TV or computers at all, and that children under 12 should still have no more than 2 hours a day exposure.
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There is no right age for children to learn to move the mouse. May be around 3 years they will learn to use it.

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