What are the Disadvantages of the Computer Mouse?


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The computer mouse is a widely-used computer input device, which most computer users are familiar with.

However, it does come with disadvantages, the most prominent of which is that many people still use a mouse incorrectly.
Using Computer Mice Can Lead to Injury
As a regular computer user, the biggest problem I've found with computer mice is that they encourage repetitive movements of the wrist and hand.

After regular prolonged use of mine, I find that the tendons on the back of my hand and in my wrist can really ache.

As a regular user of a MacBook Pro, I've noticed that the much more natural, gesture-driven approach favoured by Apple's multi-touch track-pad seems to put me at much less risk of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI).

I also find that I no longer need to move the pointer around the screen so much, since gestures and efficient key combinations eliminate much of the need for clicking on software window controls.

A Computer Mouse Requires Space
If you use a laptop, then you will already have a track-pad built into your machine, in which case, a mouse is something else you will need to carry with you. Often, if you are away from home or from the office, you will struggle to find a space where you can successfully use a mouse, since it requires a flat and steady surface.

With modern high-resolution desktops and large screens, mice either need to operate at a similarly-high resolution, (in which case they can be extremely sensitive to movement and difficult to use accurately), or they need a lot of clear desktop space in which to move around.

Health and Safety When Using A Computer Mouse
Coming back to the point I made earlier, it is important to ensure that you are using your mouse comfortably - so make sure that your wrist is not resting on the desk or a wrist-rest. Ironically, these can actually make matters worse, by encouraging the wrong posture.

Make sure that your wrist can move freely, since the extra degrees of motion this allows will reduce the number of smaller, more repetitive movements that you make.
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  • An external mouse requires space, making it nearly impossible to use on an airplane.
  • A mechanical mouse needs to be cleaned regularly, or it will get clogged with lint and dust.
  • The cord on most mice can get hung up and drag, making the mouse difficult to use.

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