Just Purchased A New Tracfone...Motorola W376g And Need To Know How To Insert SIM. No SIM Card Came With The Phone.?


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Just replaced the sim card that came in my new W376g tracfone. Learned that the sim card slides
under the metal fastener bar.


-turn off phone.
-remove back plate.
-remove battery.
-slide the old sim card out from under the metal fastener bar to reveal the gold bumps next to the metal fastener bar.

-place the new sim card into the phone with the gold area facing down and aligned so that the gold area is over the gold bumps. Slide the card into place under the metal fastener bar.
-insert the battery.
-replace the back cover.  
-turn on the phone.  There will be a message if the sim card was inserted incorrectly.

Good luck.

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